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How can Social Media boost up the Income of Professional Mortgage Brokers?


The era is no more when billboards used to capture the attention of people and costly TV ads were crucial for marketing. Now, the trend is completely changed and you can make people familiar about your products or services through social media. Besides the personal lives, this platform has played an immense role for businesses. Now mortgage brokers can give a boot to their monthly income through effective marketing on social media. The use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube can do magic if you know the real tactics. So, here you will learn how can social media give a boost to your monthly income.


  • Let People know the Details of your Services!

Your mortgage advice in Bristol can become famous if you know the art of revealing the details of your services on social media. It isn’t tough and you can do it by simply writing a small paragraph on the Facebook page. It will help people to know what actually you offer. The brokers can even mention their work experience, qualification, certification, and previous record of work. It is simple yet influencing.


  • Upload Videos!

The videos are also crucial because these days, people not only watch videos but they share with their friends too. You can make videos related to your services and giving the most appropriate caption to those videos will definitely give a hit on social media. The same video can be shared on other platforms too including Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. So, the videos can become a reason of the popularity of your services.


  • Paid Campaigns work!

The paid campaigns give a wonderful reason to expand the marketing objective. The services can reach to a large number of people with the investment of a small amount. The investment required for paid campaign won’t affect your total budget as if it is not very small. So, it is totally up to you how you manage the total marketing budget of the mortgaging services.


  • More Clients, More Income!

The social media existence lets you earn high income because it is one of the most useful and reliable platforms where quality services are offered. So, this is the simplest way put your mortgaging services on the right track in order to increase the income level. Well, try to polish your skills with the passage of time as if you want to become more prominent on social media.

By - Valerie Olson

What to consider for preventing mortgage brokers scams?

We all know mortgage brokers with the years of experience and broad skill set of knowledge can solve our all problems, but if we find anything bad in their offered services, then we may think problems were good. We may need to prevent the different scams for every mortgage broker. In this blog, we have brought some tips to avoid mortgage brokers scams. What do we need to do? Let’s have a look to work on these things

Must be in business for long

 It’s imperative for the brokers to be in business for a long time. Whenever a client comes to you, they would first check the years of experience, and for the expert scammers, this might be an easy thing to dodge the newbies. Do check the years of experience first so you can rely on reliable options.

Must have satisfied references

 Brokers should have references, and if people do have some happy clients, then it’s better to ask them directly about their needs. Mortgage brokers who don’t have satisfied clients they are not a reliable option to trust. Not only names are required always check the testimonial section where you can check the people might have been discussing satisfied reference.

Background Surfing

 Have you done with the detailed background surfing? You never know who was the primary person to whom you have handed over the entire debt details. To avoid such things, do a detailed background search. If clients find anything suspicious, then don’t hire them. People need to do a thorough search, including their background, education, and working experience of mortgage broker so they can believe in some good options.

Must have years of experience

 We can’t rely on such options which are a newbie in a market because years of experience for satisfying client is essential to convince them. Select the expert option, and this one would be possible only when you will do a market search. Experienced mortgage brokers in Northampton would help you out in accomplishing your milestone.

These things we need to consider to avoid mortgage brokers scams in the market. It’s true you people have a vast market to search where numerous options are available for relying upon.


By - Valerie Olson

How reverse mortgage can affect our financial position?

We all know reverse mortgage can be a good option for the people who are unable to solve their monthly expenditures, whenever you come across any new financial things, you need to keep negative things aside as well. It’s essential for everyone to keep these things noted to avoid specific issues at the initial stage. Make yourself prepare in advance. In this blog, we have brought disadvantages of reverse mortgage that can affect you, people, anywhere.

Low rate of interest

 Variation in interest rates is one of the biggest dilemmas for all because we have to pay a certain amount to regain the equity of the home. Many banks charge a high-interest rate on the reverse mortgage as compared to a regular mortgage. Due to these things we are unable to get the real market value. Interest rates at least should be 1.5% higher than regular home loans.

 Very Much Expensive

 Reverse mortgage seems to be very much expensive. Increased interest rates could be the reason every month. It may have to accumulate in the month so it can easily consume up the full home equity exclusively.

Difficult to qualify for other loans

Reverse mortgage questions the borrower’s ability for various types of loans. It has been seen that homeowners always complained that they are unable to qualify the mortgage because they are unaware of the terms and conditions of loans. Make sure before signing off mortgage go for a consultation first to get to know about all aspects in detail. Go for mortgage advice in Northampton where you will get to know about all dos and don’ts from the professionals

Crucial Age factor

 With a reverse mortgage, it has been seen that the age factor is crucial because for reverse mortgage age must be of 62 and older. If you want to qualify for a mortgage, then the person should be older than 62 because he would be able to be eligible for a huge amount

Worry for inheritors

It has been seen that home equity loans are not an excellent choice for people who want to leave home for the part of an inheritance. It will not only draw the value of home equity but it will remain due upon death and might be a burden for your successors. If heirs are unable to settle the debt with their funds, then assets might have to sell for further proceedings. Get the expert mortgage advice in Northampton to get rid of this frustration.

These are disadvantages that we need to note down before going for a reverse mortgage. Numerous companies offer better policies for reverse mortgages just like Mcrobieadams Northampton. Go for their expert advices. They offer their services not only in Northampton but also in bath & Bristol as well.


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Check the Expert’s Response on FAQs about Mortgaging!

As mortgaging is a broad term, people usually prefer to clear their ambiguities before applying for the loan. It is definitely a wise approach to make your concept about mortgaging clear enough that you won’t have to face difficulty while understanding the terminologies of this process. There are multiple platforms where the applicants can ask queries however most of the time, it takes a long time to get a response. The other way to know the exact procedure is hiring qualified mortgage advisers in Bath because the experts not only make you things clearer but they assist too. However, here some FAQs are answered by our experts:

  • When will I be able to get back my Property Papers?

The applicants who mortgage their property for the approval of loan can get back the property papers after paying back the complete amount of loan. The lenders do not handover papers unless they receive the full amount including interest. Well, it depends on the terms and conditions of the contract too.

  • What are the common Types of Mortgaging in the market of Bath?

It is not just Bath where people deal with multiple types of mortgaging but the global market deals with various types. However, the common types are:

  • Fixed Mortgage
  • Variable Mortgage
  • Capped Mortgage
  • Tracker Mortgage
  • Stepped Mortgage
  • Buy-to-let Mortgage
  • Off-set Mortgage

It depends on your requirements what you choose for overcoming the financial crisis. Every single type of mortgage has different terms and conditions. So, make sure that you know about all.

  • How much I’ll be able to borrow?

There is not a limit to borrowing. However, the amount depends on your savings, credit history, bank dealings, job status, personal earnings, and expenditures. So, when you decide to borrow, the track record should be clear enough that the lender won’t make an objection on your profile.

  • How to get the Profile approved?

The profile can be approved once you present it in the best way. The mistakes should be avoided. Over-writing and grammatical mistakes seem non-professional so the profile should be free from such errors. Meanwhile, the supporting documents should also be original. The most important thing is to keep the credit history fair by paying all the bills on time. These things can help you for the approval of debt whereas the efforts will also pay off.

By - Valerie Olson

What is the Best Time to lock a Mortgage Deal?

It is not like every mortgage deal is good to lock because there are several factors that play a role behind the mortgaged deals. Majority of the applicants choose any random time of the year while applying for a loan due to which, the approval of loan can become doubtful. Well, if you are going to meet a lender, you must be aware of the necessary facts that are counted while deciding the terms and conditions of the deal.

  • Do not go for Mortgage in winters!

The mortgage activities are slightly slower down in cold days especially during the period of vacations. It means that the majority of the lenders will also be on their leave and you’ll ultimately not find a well-reputed lender in town. It is not about lenders only, but the brokers also do not stay active during the winter time. So, when you go for mortgaging, try to choose a period in which mortgage activities can be processed quickly.

  • Choose a Suitable Economic Cycle!

The economic cycle should also be considered while going for the mortgage deal. Inflation is never a suitable option because during this period, the interest rates go high and the prices also increase. It means that you will have to pay high interest while the income graph will go down because the economy doesn’t flourish during inflation. Meanwhile, if you go to seek the best mortgage advice in Northampton, the adviser will also suggest you choose a suitable economic cycle.

  • Be confident regarding the Profit Figures!

The profit figures also matter when the applicant applies for a loan. So, if currently, the profit is not increasing smoothly and you are having issues with the cash flow, it will be better to sit and wait for the better profit figures. Besides this, you should make sure that the profit margin will not reduce in the coming future. Such things affect the mortgage deals and help to lock a deal at the right moment.

  • Ask the Adviser to guide you!

The mortgage adviser should be there to guide you because if you plan to lock a deal without even getting the expert’s advice, the deal may not prove beneficial. The expert person can guide you regarding the right approach and the suitable time of locking the mortgage deal because such types of things prove quite helpful.

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what steps need to take a person who decided to issue a mortgage loan?

Since the mortgage is becoming increasingly popular among the population, let’s consider step by step what documents you need to collect, where to go and what else is required to get a new home.

Collect all the bank related information

Before you give your money to the bank, stop. Commercial institutions that provide mortgage loans to the public, quite a lot. No need to run into the first available and get a loan. To get started, collect all the information about the bank, using the official website of the institution, and reviews of acquaintances, friends, and colleagues.

Property Information

 Consider the real estate market of the village in which you want to buy housing. Consider the parameters of the future, new house. Do not forget; you should have at least ten percent of the value of the future apartment on your hands.

Determine the credit limit

 The next step is to determine the amount of the mortgage loan. Fold the monthly family income and divide it in half. This is the maximum payout that you can make each month. Each bank has its own rules, but usually, this amount varies from thirty to fifty percent, and it depends on the number of family members and income.
New housing

 You have received a positive response from a bank. Now determine the property you want to buy. If the apartment is from the secondary market, it is better than the old owner owned it for at least three years. You can choose the appropriate option yourself, or you can turn to the help of professionals – realtors. We evaluate the apartment by an independent evaluator. Mortgage brokers in Bristol are making these terms easier for everyone by their valuable suggestions.

We make out the documents

After completing all the checks, we sign the contract. The first is a loan with a banking institution; the second is a contract of sale with a real estate seller. The mortgage agreement indicates which property is pledged and its estimated value. That is, this contract contains all information related to the transaction.